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Gateway ISDN 120 kênh thoại (PRI30) SMG2120S

Xuất xứ: China

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Gateway giao tiếp E1 chuẩn ISDN (PRI30) - SMG2120S, 2 luồng E1 - 120 kênh thoại đồng thời. Chuẩn báo giao tiếp PRI-ISDN. Sử dụng cho mọi tổng đài IP SIP: Avaya, Siemens, Cisco, Asterisk, Elastix, Grandstream...


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Gateway giao tiếp tổng đài IP E1-ISDN (PRI30) - SMG2120S

- Hỗ trợ 4 luồng E1 với 120 kênh thoại đồng thời

- Chuẩn báo giao tiếp E1: ISDN, PRI...

- Sử dụng cho mọi tổng đài điện thoại IP SIP: Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, Siemens, Panasonic..., kết nối qua SIPtrunk hoặc SIP account

- Kết nối giao tiếp qua RJ45 - Kết nối Switch trực tiếp..

- Hỗ trợ kết nối API,

- Kết nối SSH,


Product models

SMG2030S    1 E1/T1

SMG2060S    2 E1/T1

SMG2120S    4 E1/T1

SMG2240S    8 E1/T1

SMG2480S    16E1/T1


Routing Features

Call routing and translation( from PCM to IP or reversely)


IP Bearer Features

Coder support: G.711A,G.711U, G.729 A/B,G723,G722, GSM, iLBC, RFC 2833,RF 3261,SIPINFO,INBOUND

Compliant with TCP/UDP, HTTP, ARP/RARP, DNS, NTP, TFTP, TELNET, STUN and more IP protocols

Echo cancellation: G.168 128 ms tail length

Voice activity detection and packet loss concealment

Comfort noise generation

T.38 real-time fax, T.38 – G.711 interworking

Digit transmission via RFC 2833 (SIP)

Hosted NAT



Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Web User Interface (WebUI) supports configuration via browser



Power Requirements

AC Power Supply Range 100 – 240 VAC

The power supply will operate at frequencies between 47 Hz and 63 Hz


Power Consumption

About 167W


Operating temperature range

0 to +55 °C, 8-90% relative humidity non-condensing

Storage temperature range

-20 to +85 °C, 8-90% relative humidity non-condensing



Power supplies field installation


Physical Dimensions

High: 1.72 in (44 mm)

Wide: 17.32in (440 mm)

Deep: 26.97in (690 mm)

Weight 26.32 lb (Approx.12 kg)



Redundant power supply(Dual power system)

Smart IP probing

Automated failover (Ethernet and Fiber Optical links)

Failover via automatic protection switching



30~480 TDM channels per 1U shelf

30~480 VoIP channels per 1U shelf


I/O Interfaces — Rear I/O — T1/E1

Telephony     Fiber Optical 1~16 T1/E1 for timing (BITS clock),  

T1 and E1              signaling and bearer traffic

                       (T1 - 100 ohms and E1 - 120 ohms)

Clock Sync    Stratum


IP Interfaces

Dual redundant 2 *1000 Base-T Ethernet for VoIP payload and signaling


TDM Signaling Protocols





IP Protocols

Core SIP Specifications and Notable Extensions

RFC 3261 SIP Basic


RFC 3265 SIP Subscribe/Notify


Notable SIP Extensions

RFC 3398 ISUP/SIP Mapping

RFC 3711 SRTP (for SIP)

Tel URI – RFC 3966

IP and ISUP interworking and more



Adaptive jitter buffer

Packet loss compensation

Configurable Type of Service (ToS) fields for packet prioritization and routing


Approvals and Compliance

For information about RoHS compliance and other approvals, please contact Synway directly.



Compliant with most international standards. For compliance documents, please contact Synway’s sales representatives.



Compliant with most international standards, please ask Synway or its sales representatives worldwide. Synway would comply all new safety standardfor different regions around the world while needed.


Telecom Approvals

(Partially approved)Compliant with most international standards, please ask Synway or its sales representatives worldwide.



Estimated MTBF per Telcordia Method 1: With Dual Redundant AC or DC Power Supplies

Rear I/O Type 1 — T1/E1

NO PSTN Interface: 150,000 hours

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TP.HCM: (028)73.07.4567
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